What a feeling

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
What a feeling

All you males know what Im talking about that as a boy, climbing ropes in the /gym/">gym or poles on the jungle gyms provided the most wonderful feeling in the world. None of us know why and none of us really talked about it, but it was a feeling that provided quite that was quite unusual...but very enjoyable.

This story is about the /first-time/">first time I ejaculated. I was 18 years old and home alone for the afternoon. I was snooping around my parents bedroom...not sure why, just something we do as kids, I guess. I found a /vibrator/">vibrator with a number of attachments stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and started playing around with changing out the tips, touching my body in different spots. I was about to put it back when I put it on my crotch to see how it felt on my balls. It hurt! Too much impact, so I moved it around until the end of my penis was getting its attention. I thought WOW!, this is the same feeling I get when I climb a rope!

So...I experimented with a few different tips and found that the attachment with a lot of little nubs on it felt the best. I still had my pants on at this point and the vibrator turned my cock the point that it hurt and I had to release it from my pants just to avoid the pain.

I unplugged the vibrator and headed to the couch, dropped trousers to relieve the pressure on my ultra-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. The cord on the electric vibrator was plenty long, so I unplugged the lamp and powered up the contraption...sat white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie back in the couch and started rubbing the vibrator tip all around my cock. Remember, I was 18 years old and I didnt know anything about my cock other than it was fun to look at...hard or soft, tight or sagging balls, or any other mood it happened to be in at the time. I started moving the vibrator around the shaft of my cock and I quickly found the the mushroom head was the most sensitive...and it provided the most intense, kind of weird pleasure...again, just like climbing the rope but much more intense!

I held the vibrator in one hand and pushed the mushroom head of my cock against it with the other hand....the intense but weird feeling kept growing and mushroom head starting turning more and more reddish purple...this went on for about 3 or 4 minutes until I had the most amazing feeling EVER experienced. Wow..WOW...WOWWW. I was in heaven! Just as I was rejoicing over the great new feeling and I distinctly remember thinking that I had discovered the most wonderful thing in the world...this white stuff came shooting out of my was flying everywhere! I thought...what have I done! I grabbed the pillows from the couch and started wiping this white stuff off me, the couch. What is this! Its so sticky and it does not seem to go away! I kept wiping rubbing, grabbed a towel and after a few minutes, I thought I had everything cleaned up.

I quickly put the vibrator back where I found it, and went about my chores. Later that night, my Mother sat down on the couch and started commenting about all this dried stuff on the pillows. Was is this? Who spilled? "Kids, you know that eating in the living room is off limits!" /mom/">mom looked at me because she knew I was home alone all day and she demanded that I confess! I said, "Yes Mom, it was me. I had a bowl of ice cream and I dropped it on the couch and pillows, sorry." Mom said, "well dont let that happen again!"

Thats the story about the first day I squirted cum. I was 18 years old at the time and I havent stopped since! Over the years, Ive been very creative in my masturbation techniques and utilization of household items for self enjoyment. If youd like to hear about them, let me know!