Some things are better left unsaid

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Some things are better left unsaid

’Four years of high school all coming to an end tonight!’ I thought to myself as I tried to pin that stupid hat to my head. My immediate thought was ’I shouldn’t have to wear one of these; my curly hair will puff out like a fucking poodle.’ My only consolation is that there has to be someone in my class who will look more ridiculous than I do. I finish dressing, and leave the house. I get to the civic center where they are holding my /graduation/">graduation, and all 246 of my soon to be ex-classmates are already there. Graduation starts 5 minutes late and goes on to finish with minimal problems 30 minutes later than expected. As I walk to my car, I breathe a sigh of relief. ’Adios chumps’ is all I can manage to think. Oh, well’now there’s the after /party/">party. 

I arrive at my friend David’s house ready to go in and get a few shots in me. No sooner than I walk in, a booze bottle happens to come my way. An hour later, we’re all sitting around, drunk as shit, when a girl I didn’t know jumps up and causes a commotion by hopping on the coffee table and doing a very poor striptease. Too much for me to handle, so I amble back blowjob porn videos to Dave’s bedroom to see where he’s gotten to. I knocked on his door, but no answer’I just walked in like I had done countless times before. The site upon entrance was definitely a first though. Sprawled out on his bed was his band mate Monica and his face was between her thighs oblivious to my presence. At once, I wish I would have stayed in the living room with the /bad/">bad stripper, but now I was standing there, staring a /taboo/">taboo dead in its face. Only when I turned to leave, did Monica notice me and frantically try to cover herself. Dave jumped up and began trying to explain. The whole time he was talking, I was in a daze. His spiel ended with him pleading and begging me not to breathe a word of this to a living soul. Monica dressed and ran from the room, no doubt to her car to cry her eyes out. Dave sat there looking like he was about to be sick when I finally spoke.
’Dave, how long have you two been doing that?’ I asked.

’For about 6 months, I know it’s wrong, and I regret it. Please don’t tell anyone.’
’Why would I do that? I’m supposed to be your /friend/best-friend/">best friend. I’m surprised you didn’t tell me though, you tell me everything. But I know why you didn’t tell me’ I told him.
’You do?’ he said with a look of disbelief on his face.
’Yeah, I know I was your girlfriend for a long time, but I broke up with you because I thought you were cheating on me, and it turns out you were.’
Dave was about to get defensive, but I stopped him before he could speak.
’Don’t lie to me; this has been going on all year, not just the last 6 months, hasn’t it?’
’Yes’ he replied weakly. 
Dave said nothing, his head was /hung/">hung with shame and he refused to look at me.

We sat in silence for several minutes that I know felt longer to him, when he broke the silence.
’Candace, what were you thinking when you walked in?’
’Well, at first I wanted to scream’but the longer I stood there, the hotter I got’ I said bashfully.
’You got turned on by that!?!’
’Oh shut up you pervert, I’ve got something that will keep your mouth occupied’ I purred seductively. 

I pulled Dave towards me and I kissed him very firmly on his lips. It had been 5 months since I had been with him, and hopefully tonight I would break that streak. We kissed passionately for several minutes while our hands roamed and became reacquainted with each others bodies. I could taste Monica’s young pussy on his tongue, and that turned me on a lot. We stood up and began to undress, rather slowly considering how excited we both were. He stood before me in his boxers while he began to work on the buttons of my shirt. As his hands moved, I could feel my breath quicken and then my blouse dropped to the floor of his bedroom, like it had months before. I slipped out of my skirt and panties and he unclasped my bra and let it fall ceremoniously from my shoulders as my tits sprung free. He pushed me onto the bed rather roughly, which I loved and he grabbed on to my tits with his hands. He began to knead the soft flesh in his hands while beginning to tongue my hardened nipples. I let out a moan as he covered my breasts with kisses, and he took that as encouragement to move downward. When he first touched my slick pussy, I thought I would explode, but I managed to keep my cool and enjoy the sensations he was providing me. He licked my pussy for what seemed like hours, bringing me to an intense, familiar climax. It took me seconds to recover when I bounced up and flipped him onto his back. My long, curly hair tickled him as I kissed my way down his body until I reached his rock hard prick. I licked the head a couple of times before I took him into my mouth. I continued my ministrations on his cock until he was ready to cum, when I suddenly pulled off. He had no time to complain however, I immediately moved myself up over his manhood and lowered myself down onto it slowly. It had been so long, and this familiar milf porn videos feeling was heightening my emotions as well as my senses. We began a slow and deliberate rhythm that was driving us both to the edge. We began to quicken the pace as he rolled me over onto my back. I knew that our romp wasn’t going to last much longer, so I let him have his way, because I had a feeling that there would be more of them to come. He pounded away at me for several more minutes, when I felt his cock head swell, and I knew what was about to happen. I just laid there and let him climax into me. I knew he would enjoy it, and I had never let him when we were together. 

High school is over now, and I’m glad to be going to college in the fall. Dave and I are still friends; we still see each other from time to time, although never sleeping together, as he is with Monica now. We try not to keep secrets from each other, but sometimes things are better left unsaid. About 6 weeks after graduation, I had to make a sudden trip out of town. I told Dave it was to see my Aunt, but I really went to have an abortion. The one time we had unprotected sex, is the one time it took. I hid this to protect him, and I’d be a liar if I said I wanted to get knocked up right out of high school and on my way to college. We will continue to be friends, but now there is definitely more than just Monica between us.

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