Showers Sppedos and Department Stores Chapter 2

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Showers Sppedos and Department Stores Chapter 2

The next morning, I lied in bed thinking of how Kenny and Julien?s cock felt in my mouth, also the salty, yet delicious taste of their cum. The thoughts overwhelmed me and I began to jerk off, making sure that my roommate didn?t see me. I could hardly wait until that evening. Kenny and Julien go for a swim at the pool everyday at seven, then they take showers in the locker rooms.

All day during class I was thinking of how the looked. Kenny looks like Tom Cruise with a mixture of Robert Downey Jr. Julien?s face is unexplainable. He has greens eyes, nice body, and a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass that always catches his shorts when he walks. Finally the day neared its end and I waited at the pool for my French studs to arrive. They noticed me as soon as they entered the building. They were in blue jean pants and nothing else. My eyes became fixated on the beautiful smooth chests that were coming my way. Unfortunately the trance was broken with theirs tantalizing words, ?Bonjour, Allen.? They knew that I knew some French, and often spoke to me in the language. ?Bonjour, mon ami,? I replied. ?Mind if I take a dip with you guys.? They looked at each other and smiled, then looked back at me. ?Bien sur!? they yelled. Which means of course.

They pulled off their pants to reveal the blue and red Speedos underneath. Instantly, I began to drool at the sight. They jumped in the pool, and I was right behind them. It was a lot of fun. Playing around and horse playing in the pool. We brushed up against each other so many times; I thought that one of us was going to shoot at any moment. Kenny even reached into my suit and grabbed my cock. I knew that once again, I would feel the feeling that I loved to feel, the feeling of their /hot/hot-cocks/">hot cocks pushing through my throat trying to shoot a hot load of dick goo inside. We played for 2 ? hours before Kenny gave me a sexy look and said that he was tired and ready to go. Instead of taking a shower in the locker room, they decided to take it back to their room. They decided to put on a show for me. They began to kiss passionately all over each other, making loud kissing sounds and enjoying the wetness of each other?s body. After torturing me by not letting me join in, they finally finished. Both walked over to me and threw me on the bed. Julien straddled my chest, with the bulge in his /red/hot-red/">hot red Speedo sitting on my chin. He asked me if I wanted to smell it. I complied. He told me that I could have it, if I could get his Speedos off with my teeth. I tried, but it was no use. He just wanted to see me work to get his cock.

He pulled them down, and laid his 8 incher on my face. It wasn?t completely hard, but it smelled great. I was ready to take it. His balls were sitting on my chin as his cockhead began to smooth out alain lyle porn the precum that was oozing out. Finally, he said that he was ready to get blown. With that, I relaxed my jaw, knowing that he would want to fuck my face deep and mercilessly. He began to rub his cock and talk to me. ?I want you to take it all, every time. Don?t let it pop out of your mouth. Keep a good strong suction on it the entire time, and swallow everything that comes out.? I knew it wouldn?t be easy to meet those demands. But I was damn willing to try. With my consent, he rose up and lowered his /dick/big-dick/">big dick into my mouth. He propped himself up with his arms indian santali xvideo and began to move only his hips up and down. He was going deep inside me. I loved it. I gagged so many times it was unreal. I thought I was going to die. He pushed his cock in and left it there for seconds at a time. One time he pushed down past my tonsils and I felt hot liquid shoot into my mouth fast. He wasn?t moaning, so I knew he wasn?t coming. He was pissing! The dude pissed in my mouth.

He reminded me that he wanted me to swallow everything, and I did. He began to push up a little while going up and down. I knew that this was to make him feel really good when he was ready to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. I was right. Just as he began to get deep, I felt warm, juicy cum fill my mouth. He pulled out so only is head was still in my mouth and jerked off making sure that every drop was out of him and inside me. I swirled my tongue around his head to make it feel knee-weakening good. He collapsed on my body, with his cock still in my mouth. It stayed there until he became limp. There was still a bead of cum that had oozed out when he pulled out of my mouth. He rubbed it on his finger and put it in my mouth for me to lick off. Kenny was sitting back watching his roommate fuck my mouth like an ass. He wanted me to do just that. Fuck him in the ass. Just as hard as Julien had fucked my mouth. He lay in the bed on his stomach. I first began to finger and massage his ass, feeling all the muscles within. I pulled his Speedos down just far enough to put my face in them as I fondled his beautiful ass. I then spread his cheeks and sent my tongue down into his hole.

He jumped and my face was buried in his ass crack. I rubbed my face in it even more. Cherishing the ability to be able to lick and rim this fine guy. I ate his ass for about fifteen minutes. Kenny loved every minute of it and wanting more. I wanted to put something else down in him at the moment. Julien gave me a condom and some lube. I put both in the right places. Then I put my cockhead inside him just past the muscle, slowly followed by 7 ? inches of cock. I filled him up completely. I could go in no further. He was still laying flat on his back, with one leg bent toward his midsection. I had complete access to his /asshole/">asshole. I took advantage of it. He said he wanted me to do it hard, so I did. After making sure that his ass had adjusted to me. I sped up.

Making Kenny moan and groan in pleasure and /fantasy/">fantasy. His ass was so nice and warm. It was tight, also. I came in no time. I was able to pull out of him and shoot on his back, where Julien had the opportunity to return the favor that I gave him and lick up my cum that was all over Kenny?s back. He even licked Kenny?s hole. It was a very memorable night for all three of us. We had become friends. Really, really good friends. A relationship was born that night.