At the beach 1

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At the beach 1

I am a married man living in the Central Valley. I have enjoyed a great sex life with my wife but have always been curious about sex with a man. I've had a few occasions to share with a man in the past. Usually just mutual blow-jobs. I always wanted to take it further but was always to inexperienced and reserved to pursue. 
One afternoon, after a meeting in the bay area that let out early, I went to a for the . Of course, I was extremely nervous. I found a semi-secluded area that could not be seen from the cliffs overhead yet afforded a nice view of the beach and anyone who may pass by. The place was empty, probably because it was the middle of the week. I laid my towel down and hesitantly stripped naked. Quickly I stretched out on the towel on my back and tried to calm my heart, which was beating out of control due to my nervousness and excitement. 

After about 15 minutes of lying quietly, I heard someone approaching through the sand. I looked up to see a man about 6' tall, lean, very tan, and completely nude walk up to my spot. He introduced himself as Steve and asked if he could join me. I said yes, knowing that he wasn't there for conversation. He spread out his towel right next to mine, actually overlapping mine by about an inch. Then he proceeded to look up and down my 6'4", 230lbs, by now very red body, for quite awhile before telling me that I should put some oil on to keep from burning. Unfortunately, oil was not on the list of things that I had brought this day.

Reaching in to his bag, he explained that he could help with that and pulled out a bottle of tanning oil. After applying a generous amount to his hands, he reached over and began rubbing it onto my abdomen. Immediately, my semi-soft cock began to respond and within a minute was harder than I had every seen it. He kept telling me how much he liked my body, especially my chest and my cock. All I could do was lay back and enjoy his comments and his hands which were now caressing my body all over. He brought his mouth to my nipples and began sucking them. 

He quickly worked his way up to my neck with his lips and before I knew it, he was probing my mouth with his tongue while caressing by cock. Pressing his full body against mine, he whispered into my ear that he wanted to fuck me. All I could do was croak out a meek , yes. He worked his way down to my cock with his mouth and swallowed me entirely. After nibbling around my groin for awhile he instructed my to turn over. Of course, I did. It felt great having my rigid xnxxv sunny leone video cock pushing into my towel. I could feel the heat of the sand warming my prick as my began kneading my ass cheeks with his hands. 

Carefully, he grabbed each cheek and split them wide. The next thing I felt was the incredible sensation of his tongue lapping at my . I could feel my cum boiling up in my balls when he stopped and climbed up to straddle my ass. He kept pressing his cock between my ass cheeks while slowly inserting fingers in my hole. It was incredible. He kept telling me to relax as he worked finger after finger into my virgin asshole. Finally, I could feel the head of real forced anal against her will his cock work itself past the opening, and, before I knew it, his cock slipped all the way in. He slowly pushed in and out for a few minutes, pushing my whole body up and down the length of the towel. My cock was in agony from all the rubbing.

I could feel his cock throbbing inside my hole as the pleasure became too much for me and I shot a huge wad of cum between my stomach and the towel. Steve continued to fuck me for a few minutes more before nailing me with a spasmodic thrust and going rigid. I could feel his cock pulse with every spurt. He pulled out and I turned over. Much to my , and gratitude, I noticed that he had placed a condom on his beautiful cock sometime during our encounter. He leaned over, licked the cum from my belly, got up, collected his things, said good bye and walked off. He never even gave me a chance to thank him. Now I am looking for more adventures.