Friends forever 1

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Friends forever 1

I met John in /college/">college several years ago and we became fast friends. After our freshman year we decided to get an apartment off campus together. Over the next couple of years we partied a lot together but neither one of us ever told the other about our desire to be with another guy. We had girls over, picked them up at bars, all the typical college stuff. Of course sharing a small apartment I had seen John naked many times and always admired his /cock/large-cock/">large cock. Compared to my 7” his was huge, at least 10”.

I would go to bed some nights hearing him screwing some girl in the next room fantasizing about how she felt with that large cock in her and how it would feel in my ass. But back then I was to shy to do anything about it and did not know that he liked guys too. After college we stayed in contact visiting each other off and on over the next few years. One day John calls and tells me he has tickets for the opening day at the new stadium. Loving baseball I could not resist taking time off to make the trip.

It was a day game so after the game we went out to a couple of clubs for drinks. During the night we talked and he pointed out several different girls as did I, even though I had not been with a girl in at least 3 years. About 11 o”clock we decided to head home since it had been a long day. When we got back to his apartment I showered and turned in since I was tired. John lived free porn movies download in a nice size house with 2 extra bed rooms so I picked one and crashed. At some point that night I awoke to voices in my dark room. A little /scared/">scared I started to rise but was stopped with a large hand on my chest and a voice I did not know told me to stay put, do as I was told and everything would be ok. Fear running through me I did as I was told. Then the voice said ”You have to suck my cock” as I felt him crawl on the bed and place the tip of his cock on my lips.

My eyes were starting to focus in the dark and I realized that there were at least 4 guys in the room and all appeared to be naked. Realizing this gave me a rush but the fear was still there not knowing where John was or what was going on. Not wanting to get hurt I slowly parted my lips allowing him to slide his cock in my mouth. As he slowly started to fuck my face I felt my hands being placed on two more hard cocks on each side of me. Each one of them seemed to be about the same size as mine, nice hard, and big.

This made my cock grow thinking about all the cock around me. Then I felt a warm mouth slide down on my shaft and almost exploded. The guy sucking me knew what he was doing and in no time I shot my load deep in his throat as he took every drop. WOW what a feeling having a cock in each hand, one fucking my throat and shooting in that /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth. About that time the guy I was sucking screamed that he was going to cum and shot his hot load all over my face. I just laid there wondering what was next; I still had the 2 cocks in my hand jacking them and did not know where the fourth guy was. About that time the guy I was sucking moved and was replaced by the fourth.

He startled my face and started rubbing his cock in the cum that was just shot all over me. Man that cock seemed huge then I realized this was John. He had not said a word yet and as I opened my mouth he slide that giant 10” cock in my mouth. It was all I could do to fit it in as he started to push it as deep in my mouth as he could. My mouth was hurting from being spread so wide but I let go of the cocks in my hands and grabbed his ass pulling him farther towards me. About that time someone lifted my legs and I felt a wet tongue on my /asshole/">asshole. Then John spoke for the /first-time/">first time telling me to relax that they were getting my ass ready for him. They took turns licking my ass and started fingering it until it was nice and relaxed then I felt a cock slide in.

The guy had to be at about 7 inches and nice and /fat/">fat but he did not spare me anything, he just slammed it straight in and held it there all the way inside of me. Then he started pumping my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass making it tingle along with the pleasurable pain I felt from having it shoved right in. He pumped me with John pulling my legs forward behind him as I kept face fucking his cock. After a few minutes I heard a groan as he buried his cock deep in me filling me with his cum. As soon as he slide out another cock a little bigger was put in its place, this time much easier as my ass was now well lubed with the cum filling it. The second guy repeated the same process cumming deep in my ass filling me even fuller. After he had pumped out every drop he had he pulled out and John said now you are ready for me. Two of the guys got on each side of me spreading my legs as wide as they would go as John climbed down between them.

I felt his giant cock head rubbing my asshole as the cum inside of me started to drip out. He was using it to get his cock nice and slick for my ass. Then he said hang on as he slowly slides the head of that /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock in my ass. Damn it felt so big but yet full hd xvideo download so good. I asked him to go slow and his response was to slam it as deep as he could get it to go. I screamed as jolts of pain and pleasure shot through me at the same time. He buried as much as he could in me and I thought I was going to be ripped apart. I had never had a cock that big inside of me before. Then he started to slowly pump my ass as the fourth guy slide his mouth over my super /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.

My head was spinning thinking about finally getting to feel what all though girls felt and had to begin to wonder if I was going to be able to walk tomorrow. John just kept pumping away gradually fucking me faster and hard with each stroke. Feeling that /cock/big-cock/">big cock inside of me soon had me screaming that I was going to cum and John yelled for me to cum with him as he slammed my ass harder than it had ever been fucked before shooting his cum deeper in my ass than any had ever gone.

As I felt his hot juiced flow into my ass I shot harder than I ever had the guy sucking me taking every drop down his throat. As John slide his now softening cock out of my ass he said he would talk to me more about all of this in the morning and to have a good nights sleep as they all walked out. I laid there feeling like I never had before wondering what there was to talk about as I fell asleep. The next story will reveal the conversation and more fun.