The Birthday Present

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The Birthday Present

Her unexpected proposal raised a wwwxxx heat over my whole body that I hoped she would not notice. 'Yes,' I managed to stammer out, 'sure, I mean are you sure? You really don't mind?'

'No, not at all actually,' she replied, grinning widely as I tried to divert her attention from both my discomfort and too-evident arousal. 'In fact, the thought of another woman running her hands over your body gets me pretty... hot.'She enunciated the last word slowly and deliberately.

Once again I was astounded by how open-minded she was about all things erotic. Where had I found this woman? She was beautiful, funny, sexy, and now she was about to give me the greatest birthday present I'd ever had in my life: I was to receive a two-hour /sensual/sensual-massage/">sensual massage from not one, but two girls! We had come to this city of mountains and sea to celebrate together, and the great days and nights that we had already spent were all I had expected. I would certainly never forget Vancouver!!

She slid an envelope across the table. 'Away you go now. Have fun, but don't forget to save some energy for me,' and reaching under the table, she teasingly stroked my thigh. I rose and left the restaurant, charged with the excitement of my coming adventure.

Turning the corner, I thought, 'Almost there. I wonder what it will be like...' But before I could become too consumed by my own /fantasy/">fantasy, I was there at the doorstep. A mural of erotic, bikini-clad women loomed large by the entryway. I hoped silently that the girls I met would be even half that sexy. I was in for a pleasant /surprise/">surprise. I took a deep breath, got out of my car and walked inside.

What greeted me there was a bit of a surprise - unconsciously I guess that I had expected the place to be a bit seedy, like in some story I had read, but instead it was classy, clean and nicely lit. The air even carried the scent of oranges. No sooner had I stepped into the foyer, than I was greeted by a tall blonde in mile-high heels and a tiny little skirt that was almost no skirt at all and a push-up bra that made it hard not to stare at her naturally voluptous breasts. When I finally did tear my gaze away, I encountered the most gorgeous green eyes I had ever seen and full, sensuous lips parted in a welcoming smile.

She introduced herself as Barbie. 'Appropriate,' I thought, checking out her long and gorgeous legs. I told her that it was my birthday and explained the present that I was being given. She nodded appreciatively and beckoning me to come in, she called the rest of the girls out to meet me. They came from behind a curtain, one by one in what seemed to be an endless parade of smiling and sexy beauties. Suddenly, I found myself wondering how I could possibly choose from amongst them. I smiled at the irony - how many guys would love to be in a position where they had their pick from amongst such a group of hot, /exotic/">exotic beauties! Poor me!!

Barbie introduced me to each of them and though it was a tough choice, I first picked a /sweet/">sweet and slender /girl/asian-girl/">asian girl named Suling. She smiled, stood up and shyly touched my hand. Then I turned to Barbie and eagerly asked if she was also available. 'Of course,' she laughed, 'I'd be honoured to accompany you. It's your birthday, after all!'

We went upstairs to a room with an Asian theme - the walls were painted black and two large red fans made for a striking atmosphere. Once I was comfortable on the bed, Barbie began to massage my calves with surprising and gratifying strength, working out the knots in my legs and then giving little teasing tickles to my upper thighs. Again, the rush of blood through my body was unstoppable. Suling was sitting down beside me, and as she stroked my well-defined biceps, her breathing became noticeably heavier. She leaned in to whisper something in my ear, and as she did so, I felt her already /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple brush against my skin. 'You have a very nice body,' she murmured, her warm breath caressing my neck. I turned so that I could see her more clearly, and was rewarded with a close-up view of the body and face that had earlier enchanted me. She was wearing nothing but a tiny, white mini-dress, so transparent that even in the low light I was able to clearly see the curve of her small, high breasts as well as being able to make out the shade of darkness nestled between her legs. Thinking about the treasures hidden in that darkness, I let out a low moan.

The girls exchanged glances. 'Looks like we've got a live one,' said Barbie, and we all laughed. Whatever residual apprehension I had melted away. Suling leaned down so that I could see her face clearly. I looked into her eyes as our laughter faded and found in her lovely almond eyes an intensity that matched my own. She held my gaze and made no attempt to hide her own arousal as she brushed her lips over mine, nibbling briefly at my lower lip and then, just as I was responding, she drew back and smiled mischeviously, holding up a finger bidding me to wait.

"You know, people often assume that I don't care for my work," she said, "that girls who do escort or outcall get tired of sex...well... I would just like you to know how much I am enjoying myself right now." The finger that she had held up before me was now sliding under the edge of her dress and up inside her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. She moved her finger in and out a few times, her eyes still locked on my face, though my attention was between her thighs, and then ran her finger over her breasts, leaving a wet spot that made the already sheer material even more so. She was not so shy after all!

Though I couldn't see Barbie, I could feel her as she moved from where she had been massaging my upper thighs and came close to Suling. "She really is dedicated", said Barbie, looking appreciatively at her breasts. "You know," she continued, "I have an idea about how we might spoil our big /birthday/birthday-boy/">birthday boy..." She whispered something in Suling's ear, and Suling nodded eagerly. I wondered what they had in mind for me. I was happy to take whatever they would give me... little did I know!

Suling smiled sweetly and asked, "do you like my tits?"

"Very much," I replied, and turned on my side to get a better view, "oh god, they are way too sweet. Why don't you come closer and let me have a suck on them?"

She moved in eagerly.

"You must have read my mind," she said and moaned deeply as my tongue began to circle and flick her hard, pink nipple through the material. With my free hand I held her other breast and stroked the nipple with the palm. The sensation of touching and sucking on her perfectly-shaped young breasts coupled with surge of pressure in my now rock-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock made me moan along with her. Then I felt something else. It was Barbie. She was stroking my thighs and moving closer and closer to my waiting shaft. I thought that I would burst with the anticipation of that touch, but just as she was about to do it, she moved her hand back. My disappointmnent must have been written all over my face, but she just smiled and took ahold of my hips to turn me over onto my back and without any hesitation, took my cock fully into that soft, hot mouth of hers. I let out an involuntary gasp as she enveloped my whole cock with a talent and enthusiasm that I had never before experienced.

"Oh god!" I exclaimed. Then she thrust her tongue out and began to lick my balls at the same time. I didn't think that there was any way I could hold out a minute longer, but I strained with all my might to keep ahold of it, to make this last for as long as possible.

She slid her lips back up my cock, flicking her tongue along the way, until she came to the top and the slippery head popped free, swollen and glistening.

She gently bounced my cock against her wet mouth, smiled at me and said,

"But wait, there's more!"

And with that she manoeuvred her ass so that it was right in Suling's face, and right in front of mine. I nearly lost it when Suling leaned forward and began to lap at her friend's /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy like it was her last meal while at the same time, Barbie went down again, until once more she had my whole length deep in her throat. I clenched my jaw, and dug my fingernails into my palms as I watched these sweet /girl/fuck-girl/girls-fucking-each-other/">girls fucking each other and giving it to me at the same time. It was my wildest dream come true.

Suling's ass was next to face and moving abck and forth as she tongued Barbie with obvious enjoyment, so I reached up and slid my fingers easily into her pussy. With my other hand I began to tease her wet and swollen clit. Now both she and Barbie were moaning and writhing in unison and truth be told, I guess I was doing my share too!

By this point, Barbie had moved her mouth back up to my knob, her tongue exploring the slit while her lips kept moving over the head. She knew exactly how to time her sucking and flicking to help keep me right on the edge. Suling took a moment to turn to me and she said, "Please, whatever you do, don't stop - I am so close to coming, and I can feel Barbie is too. Maybe we can all come at once."

I moaned my assent and continued to pump her with my hand and watch her thrusting her tounge in and out of Barbie's hot pussy and reaching forward to lick her clit. Suling's back was curved as much as it could be as she arched her ass into the air to meet my thrusts, and Barbie was grinding her twat against Suling's face with increasing vigour.

The sight of that was just about the end of me. Barbie was able to go all the way down over my shaft a couple more times, before I felt that familiar stirring at the base of my spine.

"o jeezus, I'm coming," I croaked, just in case she wanted to pull away. I didn't see any tissues or anything like that handy, so perhaps...

Barbie just carried on, and I could feel her throat begin to move as she prepared to swallow my jism. She indicated her anticipation by letting out a wild, gutteral moan that sent an incredible tremor through my cock.

Then I felt an unbelievable amount of come start to rush towards the tip of my cock, and, feeling my cock begin to throb in her throat, Barbie sealed her lips tightly around the bottom of my shaft, still swallowing as though she wanted my knob as deep as possible in her throat. I groaned through clenched teeth and I raised my hips in an involuntary effort to force my cock even deeper into her throat. That seemed to set her off and her hips began to buck and jump in orgasmic spasms. Suling rode her right to the end of her climax and then began to climax herself, as Barbie continued to suck on my cock and I came like never before in my life.

The first spurts of come went straight down, and then she pulled back so just the head was in her mouth while she still continued to suck and allowed the rest of the come to shoot back into her throat. I could feel her swallowing every last bit. She kept her lips wrapped just below the crown, tenderly sucking the last remmenants from my now-spent cock, the wwwxxx then explored the slit with the tip of her tongue to make sure she hadn't missed any.

My whole body was still buzzing from the intensity of the orgasm, and my cock twitched a few more times in Barbie's mouth as let her tounge glide over my now highly-sensitive shaft head for the last time before eventually letting it slip from her lips. Suling was laying next to me, gapsing for breath, and her legs were quivering so much that it made her ass shake. I let my head fall back and abandoned myself to the reverberations of the most sensusous experience of my life. Suling lay with her head on my stomach, while Barbie climbed up beside me.

"You do realise that you we get to have our way with you for another hour and a half yet, don't you?", she asked me with a wicked grin. "Well I just hope that you are up to it, cause as good as Suling is, I can't wait for you to fuck me like /crazy/">crazy. Do you think you'd like that?"

For once in my life, I was truly at a loss for words, so I just nodded happily with one arm around each girl.

The next chapter is coming soon!

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