Good Twin Bad Twin

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Good Twin Bad Twin

Darren Collins watched through his window as his twin brother Marc, was pulling up the driveway. There he is that spoiled son of a bitch! Darren said silently as his brother pulled up in his new white Eclipse that their parents bought him for his eighteenth birthday. While Marc got the eclipse, Darren got their fathers Sunfire passed on to him.

It was never fair. Darren was always stuck with all the crappy gifts, and Marc got all the good gifts. Itd been this way since the boys were kids. At first Darren and Marc got along quite well always sharing their toys, and having a good time just like children should.

Somewhere along the line, the boys became too opposite. In their early teens, Darren started hanging out with the "/bad/">bad" crowd while Marc was into sports, honor society, and other school activities. They boys soon went from best friends to enemies. It was hard to keep them from fighting at times.

Darren was so pissed off for having such a goody two shoes for a brother, that he decided to try to make himself not look like his twin. The boys were both very handsome young men. They stood about 62" 185 lbs and had short /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde hair. Both shared the same dark blue piercing eyes and light skin. Very identical indeed. That is, until Darren decided to do his little makeover.

Darren let his hair grow just a bit and died it jet-black. xxx sex video download free com Since his hair was a bit long he could manage to spike it up and died the tips dark blue. All of the twins friends and family were shocked when they saw Darrens new look. They had all gotten so used to seeing the two blondes.

Marc went in the house and hoped not to run into his evil twin brother. He hated fighting with his brother. He couldnt understand why they were such rivalries. After everything Darren had done, Marc still loved him even though he felt Darrens animosity towards him.

Marc entered the big empty house. It was not so unusual that their parents werent home. They both worked long hours since Mr. Collins was a lawyer and Mrs. Collins was his secretary. Theyd often get home past seven almost every night.

Marc walked upstairs towards his room. He could hear Nine Inch Nails blasting from his brothers radio. He rolled his eyes and walked in his room. He wanted to get some more packing done since hed be going away to college in a few days. Marc was always prepared and never liked to procrastinate. Unlike Darren who was always late and did everything at the last minute.

Marc knew his brother didnt get fair treatment, but he had to agree why their parents would treat them differently. Darren was always screwing up in school and causing trouble. Hed been caught smoking pot twice at school and had been arrested at least six times for petty little things. In a way Marc didnt feel pity for his twin but in a way he still felt the need to try to mend things with his brother.

He was about to go to his brothers room and try to talk to him, but he heard a car honking outside. It was Ariana, Darrens wild little girlfriend. She pulled up to the house with her loud music blaring like always. Marc looked out the window and saw the young brunette sitting in her convertible wearing one of the shortest skirts Marc had ever seen on a female. He gulped and licked his lips. His brother sure did have fine taste in girls that was for sure.

Darren wasnt coming out of his room. He probably couldnt even hear his girlfriend with his hard music playing. The girl was persistent though. She continued to honk annoying the hell out of Marc. Marc stomped out of his room furiously and banged on his brothers door. He heard the music fade and Darren opened the door as if he was going to tear it down.

"What? What the fuck is all the banging for?" Darren asked pissed off.

Marc narrowed his eyes at his brother. "Didnt you hear your slut girlfriend honking outside. Shes waiting for you!"

Darren frowned. "Youre just jealous because all your girlfriends are prudes!"

Marc felt like punching his brother out. "Shut the fuck up and go see your tramp." With that he walked away.

For the rest of the day Marc was so pissed off and yet he was so horny. Itd been a few months since his last girlfriend and she was unfortunately a total prude. He hated to admit it but Darren was right. He envied his brother for having such sexy girlfriends that were willing to give up some pussy.

He lay on his bed trying to get everything out of his mind except for Ariana. She was such a hottie and he wondered what kind of /wild/wild-sex/">wild sex she and Darren had. Marc felt himself grow hard thinking of stuffing his cock inside his brothers girlfriends slutty cunt. He started to fantasize about making himself look like Darren and tricking his girlfriend. He bet she would suck his cock so good that it would make up for all the times he didnt get to screw around.

He knew she and Darren fucked good because he used to listen to them often as they fucked in Darrens room after school. Marc would stroke his cock hearing them moaning and cumming together. He only wished he could be with them and he and his brother could take turns fucking Ariana.

Marc had a firm grip on his throbbing cock. He started jerking off with so many nasty thoughts about his brothers girlfriend that he managed to make a huge mess all over his hands. He breathed hard trying to get back to /reality/">reality. Unfortunately masturbation seemed to be the only way Marc could get some kind of sexual gratification. Why did all the girls he went out with have sexxxx video ful hd to be such snobs when it came to sex?

The next day started out as normal. It was past noontime and Darren was still asleep. Marc heard him get home past three in the morning. Marc had been up early as usual doing laundry and fixing up his room. He heard Darren get up and head off for a shower. It was going to be a typical day indeed. After his shower Darren would probably go and make himself some bizarre breakfast and then head off and not come back until late or maybe even the next day.

Marc was getting some of his clothes from the washroom and he heard Darren come downstairs and rush into the kitchen for some orange juice. Marc peeped around looking at his twin wearing dark black pants and a white button up top that was left untucked.

"What?" Darren asked his brother as he gulped down some juice.

"Nothing. Look I was hoping wed get to talk. You know Im going away to college in a few days and I didnt wanna leave on bad terms," Marc responded politely.

Darren scoffed. "Bad terms. Bro well always be on bad terms. Youre such a mommas boy. I have nothing in common with you. Im a nobody around here."

Marc put down his laundry. "No your not. Darren you just need to get your shit together. I mean we are adults now."

"Yeah whatever you mommas boy. Now go on to college and make mommy and daddy proud." Darren said sarcastically.

Marc was fuming now. "Youre just jealous because Im successful and youre not! You are a damn loser!"

Darren narrowed his eyes wanting to punch his brother out. He walked closer to his brother pushing him hard against the wall. Marc fell back but his eyes still full of anger and hurt. He went forward and pushed Darren back hard, making his twin almost fall to the ground.

"You fuckin asshole!" Darren yelled out rushing towards his brother.

They /twins/">twins fought hard as they wrestled on the floor. Hard punches were thrown and some blood was gushing out of their noses. They were beating the crap out of each other. Marc had never felt angrier in his entire life and Darren loved taking his aggression out on his spoiled brother. Darrens white shirt was now covered with his brothers blood and vice versa.

"I hate you! I wish you werent my brother!" Marc hollered as they fought.

"I wish the same! Ive always hated you!" Darren yelled back.

They twins continued to brawl and if it hadnt been for their parents coming home, they probably would have killed each other.

"Hey! Hey!" Mrs. Collins screamed throwing her purse down and trying to go over to her sons.

"What the hell are you all fighting about now?" Mr. Collins asked in a stern voice helping his wife separate the twins.

The parents held the twins back from doing any more damage to one another. Both boys had bloody noses, mouths and black eyes.

"He started it! Hes such an asshole!" Marc tried explaining.

Mrs. Collins looked closely at Marc. "Dont say that about your brother. Now you two dont get along which is obvious but you all have never fought like this. So violent and so horrific. Now what happened that was so bad?"

Both boys stayed silent just eyeing each other. Marc started to regret fighting with his brother and Darren as well. They both envied one another and that was what had set them off. Marc was jealous of his brother because of his cool attitude and his way with girls. Darren was jealous of Marc because of his intelligence and responsibility.

"Now boys how can we ever trust you all again? Can we trust that you are going to forgive each other?" Mr. Collins asked looking at the boys over his thick glasses.

The boys still didnt say anything but just nodded.

"Good then you two better quit fighting. You are going to be brothers for the rest of your lives. Youll always be family," Mr. Collins went on.

"Yes your father is right boys. Now both of you go clean yourselves up. You are a mess. Ill bring some icepacks for your eyes."

The twins both headed up stairs and took turns washing their faces and grabbed some tissues for their bloody noses. They didnt talk. It was an uncomfortable silence and then they headed off to their own rooms.

Mrs. Collins brought each one an icepack and warned them once again not to be fighting.

Darren laid on his bed still finding it hard to believe he fought with his brother. He didnt really hate his brother. He loved him more than anything or anyone in the world. He only wished Marc knew that. Guilt washed over Darren as he lay on his bed. He would have to go apologize to his brother and hoped Marc would forgive him.

Marc sat on his bed covering his huge black eye with the icepack. How only hoped his black eye would go away before school started. He wondered if Darren felt bad about their fight. Marc felt so awful that he had hurt his brother the way he did. Why would he have even told him such ugly and nasty things? He had to apologize; the sooner the better.

The next day the twins parents were at work as always and Marc was already packing more clothes and school supplies. He heard a knock on the door and saw his twin standing there looking so somber. Darrens right eye was so a dark blue color. Marc almost laughed but remembered his own eye as dark blue as his brothers.

"Hey uh look sorry about yesterday," Darren began to apologize. He kept his eyes down trying not to look embarrassed.

Marc shrugged, "Hey thats alright. Im sorry too. Weve never gotten that violent have we?"

Darren looked up at his twin. He laughed but stopped smiling quickly since his mouth hurt after Marc punched it. "Owww fuck I cant even laugh. Shit!"

Marc tried to laugh as well. "Yeah me either. Hurts too damn much."

Darrens sad eyes were glued to his twin. Marc walked closer to his brother and put his arms around him giving him a nice brotherly hug. Darren was surprised at first but gave in embracing his brother.

"I love you man," Marc said softly.

Darren held his brother tightly. He knew Marc was always so nice and polite and he only wished he could be that way. "I-I love you too bro." Darren responded patting his brothers back.

They both smiled at each other and looked at each other in silence.

"So you leaving this weekend already huh?" Darren blurted out trying to break the silence.

Marc nodded. "Uh yeah Im packing up right now. Do you wanna come in?"

Darren walked in his brothers room. Yes they were both definitely opposites. Marcs room was so clean and neat while Darren always had a huge mess. Posters of The Verve and Blur /hung/">hung from Marcs room while Darrens wall was covered with Nine Inch Nails and Marylin Manson posters.

"I wish my room could be this clean," Darren said as he sat on his brothers bed.

Marc started to fold his shirts and pack them neatly in his huge suitcase. "Well if you cleaned up a bit bro it could be like this."

Darren laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling. His whole face still hurt but he was glad he and his twin had forgiven each other. "Marc? Uh I didnt mean any of the things I said. I swear."